Jack Ekin captures the joy of nature in this stunning collection of fine art photographs featuring our precious open space lands. With a special focus on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, he shares the light and peace of the landscape he loves through striking, large-format archival photographs.
We are ourselves and what surrounds us, and if we do not protect it, it shall not protect us.
-Jose Ortega y Gasset. circa 1900

Ekin's open space photographs are limited editions, signed and numbered by the artist.  A portion of all proceeds is used to support his efforts to raise public awareness on open-space issues and to encourage a sense of community through photography.  Organizations Jack is currently working with include six county open-space programs, the Trust for Public land, the Conservation Fund, and the National Forest Service.

What Others Say:

"(Jack's) spectacular fine art prints depict a mysterious, enchanting world that few of us personally witness. ...(He) creates scenes that simply take your breath away." ALPENGLOW MAGAZINE

" I read your quote...that larger photographs have more of an impact on the viewer. Wow. How true that is! I could just sit and stare at the detail... I just love it." ANNA, SILVERTHORNE, CO

" We were passing through the lobby of the Zephyr Lodge yesterday...when I came across your breathtaking portraits. I brought the whole family inside to admire them!" FRAN, HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO

" What a wonderful evening you gave us at the (annual meeting of the) Sierra Club. Thank you very much..." ALBERT MELCHER, SIERRA CLUB ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHAPTER

" Jack's photos are fabulous and his comments were thought provoking and very timely."